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All of this training culminates in a single, powerful, all revealing realization that brings power and vibrant health back to your life.  You understand the source of your power as a human being and how to channel that power in your life.  I will describe this realization and how to use it.  The basis is the relationship between consciousness and the physical body.  Imagine a glass of water sitting on bone dry earth.  Sitting on the earth is a little seed.  The glass of water has two eyes painted on its side as if it were looking at the seed.  This is the situation most of us are in.

In this situation it is obvious that if the seed ever were to grow into a plant, the water in the glass would have to be spilled so that the earth could absorb it.  The desiccated earth is our bodies.  The water is our attention (our consciousness).  The seed is the aliveness and power inside of us. 

We have objectified our attention.  We think of it as our eyes looking at something.  The whole approach of Zookinesis training (or any Taoist training) is to understand that attention is not the eyes.  It is an energy just as gravity or electromagnetism is energy.  Our bodies have evolved within the environment of many types of energies and are the result of these influences. 

Our bodies are even pressurized with about fifteen pounds per square inch of pressure, to counter the tremendous air pressure around us.  In every way, our bodies have evolved as a response to the energies around us. In the same way, our minds have evolved in this environment. 

Consciousness (attention) is an energy in which we have evolved.  Yet we think of it as our eyes looking at something.  We objectify attention as if it were in one place looking at another place or thing. 

We know that the water, in the example above, needs to be absorbed by the earth.  The water sitting in a glass does not help the seed.  The water must lend its very nature and substance to the earth to create life.  In the same way attention must be absorbed by the body so that every part of the body can become “moist”.  The attention “knows” how to be absorbed by the body.  The body “knows” how to absorb the attention.  To let the body absorb attention, you must let go of attention rather than holding it rigid.  The rigidity of attention makes the body rigid.  Rigidity separates attention from the body.

That is why we practice to relax the body and to relax the attention – so that the two can merge.

When attention and the flesh merge, tremendous power and awareness floods a person.  At first this may feel threatening.  “How could poor little me have such power?”  The tendency is to “objectify” the power, to call it God or the Devil or a spirit channeling wisdom through you.  We identify our own power as images we have learned just as we originally objectified attention itself by thinking of it as the eyes.

When attention is absorbed by the body you realize your connection to the source of attention.  You can perceive the energy of attention in the world around you.  While the world you perceive is the same old world, it seems very different, very alive.  Your body feels very alive and you feel yourself beginning to heal.  You feel each cell like a baby bird desperately calling out to its mother for food.  Each cell of the body wants to receive the energy of attention and calls loudly for it.  You begin to hear those calls or rather you feel the body trying to absorb attention. 

People whose bodies are especially disconnected from their attention will try to absorb the attention of other people and can be very draining to those people.  When you hear them talk, they sound like baby birds squawking. 

We naturally know how to pull attention from people.  This is important to strengthen the attention of babies.  In Zookinesis it is called “Threading Attention” as if through the eye of a needle.  Everybody tries to get the baby to look at him and respond to him.  This strengthens the baby’s attention.  The baby connects its attention to our own behavior patterns.  We innately know how to do this.  It feels good.

But if you are trying to absorb other peoples’ attention because you are internally disconnected, that doesn’t do you or the other person any good.

When people objectify their attention to an unusual degree and are unusually disconnected, their attention will be concentrated directly in front of their faces.  They will have a “crazed” look.  Some of those people make very good salesmen because the customer is accosted and overwhelmed by the salesman’s energy and they will buy anything to end the assault.  This is really a form of violence. 

I believe that violent people are very disconnected and their behavior results from a misdirected attempt to reconnect themselves.  But since they objectify their feelings they will attempt to connect to other people, often in very inappropriate ways.  They are desperate and don’t know how to heal their disconnection.  If someone displays a quality they know is missing inside of themselves, they will act almost as if the other person stole this quality from them or they resent that the other person has what they don’t have.  The violent person has become lost from himself and doesn’t know his way back.

Zookinesis training is the way back. The exercises are specifically designed to allow the absorption of your attention into your body.  (“Spirit Breathing Workouts” DVDs.  Catalog #’s HE-24D and HE-25D.  “Zookinesis: The Laughing Dragon Exercise” HE-28D).  The books, Movements of Magic and Movements of Power explain the whole process.

So the great realization mentioned at the beginning of this lesson is that attention is not located at a specific point such as the eyes.  It is an energy that needs to permeate the entire body.  When it does, this connects you to the same energy of attention which permeates the entire earth and all of its inhabitants. 

How do you use this connection to make your life more powerful?  To explain this, remember that when the attention is rigid, this makes the body rigid.  Patterns of the attention affect the body.  On the other hand, behavior patterns in the body, such as patterns of tension, affect the attention.  When they are separate from each other, they are like two sets of patterns fighting against each other.  Once they are connected, they are just moist earth – they are organic – and life can begin to grow. 

When you are connected to the larger energy of life, then your patterns affect that energy.  If your patterns are violent they will have a negative effect.  But if you are healed, then you can use the patterns of attention as a rudder, to steer your life in a positive direction.  As a simplified example, if you hold the image of what you want your life to be like, you will see your present situation in terms of how to achieve your goal.  Your choices will steer your life in the desired direction.             

On a deeper level, if you maintain a positive image of what you need in life, that image will resonate in other people and in general in the energy of attention around you.  The ability to affect the larger energy of attention to help your life depends on how connected your attention is to your body.  This is the great benefit of the Zookinesis exercises.  Without that connection, you just struggle.  You can’t beat the whole world into submission to accede to your demands.  But you can connect with the energy of consciousness (attention) that permeates the world.          

Each act of self healing will be magnified by that connection.  When you try to heal others, your efforts will likewise be magnified by your connection.  Life becomes easier and a lot more effective. 

Some people make the mistake of just trying to use what is called, “The Law of Attraction”, that is, to send out those images of what you want, but without first connecting their attention to their bodies.  This is utterly useless.  It is only when the attention and body merge, when you stop objectifying attention, when you become fully connected to the larger energy of attention, that you can have any effect. 

Some deserts only receive a few inches of water every ten years or so.  But as soon as it rains and the ground becomes moist, a thick carpet of colorful flowers appear within days and the desert comes to life.  It is like a miracle.  The Zookinesis training is like this.  Before this training, you are like a desert and then soon your life blooms with beautiful colors.