The issue of death can lead us to a more powerful way to live our lives.  We know what happens to our bodies at death.  What happens to our consciousness (or what I call, “attention”)?  We fear death as if it were not already part of us.  Yet the death of the awareness of our bodies, of the consciousness of each cell and organ, is death we carry with us.  The death of our direct awareness to our connection to nature already places us in our graves. 

We are like travelers towards the destination of death, carrying our death with us.  In this way we bring death to death.  Rather, bring life to life. 

Strengthen the consciousness of each cell, organ, muscle and bone.  Strengthen the connection of that consciousness to the consciousness of the earth herself.  Bring life to life and you will be powerful.  When you increase the body consciousness (“Body-Mind”), you travel towards life. 

We all know how to “thread consciousness” through the eyes of a baby.  We talk to the baby and make facial expressions.  The baby’s consciousness jumps towards you.  It is like threading a needle and pulling the thread through the eye of the needle.  We can do this within our own bodies as well.

When you hear beautiful music, the music threads your consciousness through your body into the world of sound.  When you fall in love you thread consciousness through each other.  We are weavers of consciousness.  When others think we die, we know that we have weaved the last of ourselves into the web of life and have become that web. 

The issue of life is not the length of life or our wealth but the beauty of the tapestry we weave ourselves into.

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