Tai-chi Massage is a form of acupressure that is part of the Zookinesis system. Physically, it uses finger and palm pressure as well as muscle and fascial stretching. With the Zookinesis background, the masseur is able to apply a pressure along a very narrow channel through the outer muscles and into interior muscles, thus achieving a great depth of effect.
The most unique aspect of this massage is that the masseur can connect his own attention directly to the attention and internal energy of each muscle. Within the chi and attention of the muscle lies the mechanism that is tensing the muscle (by causing the nerves to agitate the muscle fibers). The masseur lines up his attention and chi with that of the person being massaged (the client) and uses his own will to “convince” the muscle to release.
The initial pressure applied is very light. As the muscle lets go of its tension, the masseur then adds pressure in the direction that the muscle is already releasing. He does not force a release or simply practice a pre-set technique on the client’s body. Much of the action is internal as the masseur convinces the muscle to release, and only then is there an “external” action of applying more pressure.
If the muscle stops releasing, the masseur stops the extra pressure. In this way the client can perceive how his own muscle relaxes. He can perceive that “on/off switch” of tension/relaxation, within his own body. Gradually, the client learns how to use that switch and learns to release his own tension.
In this way, he gains awareness of the consciousness of the muscle itself and gains a direct connection to his own body. The depth of relaxation is much greater than with other types of massage. You can penetrate much deeper with the pressure because the muscles willingly relax to create a path for that pressure. They “get out of the way” as they “see” the pressure coming.
The body doesn’t resist the pressure because it “knows” that the pressure will stop as soon as the muscle doesn’t want to release any further. So the body develops a trust in the massage. Clients feel that there are many layers of tension within each part of their bodies, developed over their entire lifetimes. This massage peels away these layers so the tension can be released permanently.
To do this, the masseur must have developed the senses of chi and attention. He must be able to perceive the intricate dynamics of those energies. Usually, the body is a twisted, mangled mass of chi, attention and physical tension. He must be able to see exactly how to best unravel this mess to bring the quickest results.
When the client emerges from the massage, he literally feels as if he were floating in the air. He is then able to enjoy every moment of life instead of feeling combative and defensive. When we are relaxed we are better able to handle any situation because we are clear about how to respond. If we are tense, we feel jammed up and the solutions to everyday problems are hard to find. If you look back on your life, how much of it is lived in a relaxed, joyful way? If you only have a few moments of joy out of each week, that is certainly no way to live.
The bills and problems of everyday life won’t disappear but if you are in a more relaxed state they won’t bother you as much and you will be able to solve them more easily. And to be simply more aware of your own body is a joy in itself. To many people, the body is just a big lump under the head. They don’t feel the beauty of the skill of each joint and muscle.
The Zookinesis exercises provide this skill and the Tai-chi Massage gives you the relaxation to bring your attention within your body. If you make the inner skills of your body beautiful, you will become beautiful. The beauty you perceive within yourself will shine outwardly for others to see.
When someone looks at you, part of their eyes look at your outer appearance but a large part of their eyes looks directly at your inner spirit. How they see you is a combination of both. I feel it is more important to release your tension and to become more aware of your body than to use the proper make-up or to have large muscles.
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